About Us

Over the past two years, many of us have had to suffer workout withdrawals as gyms across the world had to close. Without our daily or weekly outlet, most of us turned to online fitness subscriptions or a standard run in the park. But it’s hardly the same.

That’s why we started Gym Junkie: To redefine the home workout and make commercial quality gym equipment available and affordable for creating your very own home gym.

We’re a small but mighty team of 12 with the grit and motivation needed to achieve a great workout. Except rather than working out ourselves, we’re using our strength to provide our customers a great service, high quality equipment and competitive pricing.

When we’re not at work, the whole team lives and breathes fitness. So, we’ve come together to take our passion from hobby to business.

Currently we’re working from just one distribution centre in Auckland. Just like weight training, it’s best to start off comfortably, rather than dive into the deep end. However, due to how successful we’ve been so far, come mid 2022, we plan on opening our first commercial gym and showroom.